LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Construction will begin Monday to repair a sewer pipe that runs underneath Main Street in Downtown Louisville.

Metropolitan Sewer District says the sewer pipe under West Main Street could fail if it's not fixed soon, and they have a plan to make the repairs without ripping up the entire street.

“Essentially what we're talking about is a 5-block pump around that will allow us to make the repairs we need to make at Main Street,” MSD Executive Director Tony Parrott said.

The project comes after video and laser inspections on the pipe. Those inspections revealed structural issues, putting the pipe at risk for a major cave-in. The pipe runs beneath Main Street and needs to be replaced after having ruptured multiple times.

Last fall, the same pipe collapsed near the intersection of Main and Hancock Streets and snarled traffic.

“We know we can't close main street,” Parrott said.

Instead, MSD is committing $20 million to reroute the sewage flow so that workers can work inside the pipe rather than tearing up Main Street.

Beginning Monday, a section of 4th Street will be closed between Main and River Road. There will also be a series of lane closures as the project continues.

Work is expected to be completed by November.


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