LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police have come up with a way to help tackle a problem with dangerous crimes stemming from online sales.

Louisville Metro Police are introducing new MetroSWAP Zones, which are adding an extra layer of security and allowing people to exchange goods safely.

Metro Louisville residents can now pull into a local police station, get out of their cars and look for signs indicating a MetroSWAP Zone.

The new zones, which can be found at LMPD's 2nd, 3rd, 7th and 8th Divisions, were created as safe spaces to exchange goods being bought and sold online or through apps.  7201 Outer Loop (7th Division) and 200 Juneau Drive (8th Division)

View of LMPD's 2nd Division MetroSWAP Zone, located at 3419 Bohne Avenue:


View of LMPD's 3rd Division MetroSWAP Zone, located at 7219 Dixie Highway:


View of LMPD's 7th Division MetroSWAP Zone, located at 7201 Outer Loop:


View of LMPD's 8th Division MetroSWAP Zone, located at 200 Juneau Drive:

The zones will not be monitored 24/7, but officials say it’s less likely a crime will be committed directly outside of a police station.

LMPD has seen several crimes stem from these types of sales, including some that had the potential to turn violent.

Chief Steve Conrad said, "We saw examples where someone either bought or sold an iPhone online, and when they met that person to do the exchange, they found themselves at gunpoint being robbed.”

Conrad suggests only meeting to exchange goods during daylight hours. He also says to let someone you trust know where you’re going to exchange items and what time you’re meeting to make the exchange.

Officials also suggest keeping your interactions brief and to the point.

When residents are in a MetroSWAP Zone, they are also in perfect view of security cameras. They are always rolling to make a record in case something goes wrong.

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