LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The U.S. Postal Service is expected to release its first-ever scratch-and-sniff stamps on Wednesday, June 20.

According to a news release from the agency, Frozen Treats Forever stamps will give off an aroma that, "will remind customers of the sweet scent of summer."

The stamps are expected to be dedicated on Wednesday at the Thinkery children's museum in Austin, Texas. They feature colorful illustrations of icy pops on a stick. There are 10 stamp designs included in a booklet of 20 stamps, featuring the artwork of Margaret Berg of Santa Monica, California.

"The Frozen Treats stamps offer the latest innovation in stamp design, which means you can add the sweet scent of summer to your cards and letters," said U.S. Postal Service Vice President of Finance and Planning Luke Grossmann, in a statement. "It's a fun way to enjoy the stamps, but it's even more fun to share the experience with your friends and family."

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