LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Seymour, Indiana, man faces more than 80 criminal charges, after he was accused of stealing money from his own grandfather.

Police in Seymour arrested the 20-year-old after finding out that he had written dozens of checks to himself, drawing from his grandfather's account.

Brandon Sawyer is currently being held in the Jackson County Detention Center. He was arrested on Monday and charged with 83 counts of theft, forgery and fraud.

On Wednesday, Sawyer agreed to be interviewed by WDRB News from jail. 

"It kills me because my grandpa has helped me out so much," Sawyer said. "The last three years he's been there for me."

Sawyer said he stole the money because it was feeding his heroin habit. 

"I do really, really feel bad about what I did to him," he said. "Its just one of those things I made the choice and I've got to live with it." 

In total, police say he swiped more than $3,600 from his grandpa, writing a couple of dozen checks to himself ranging anywhere from $80 to $300. According to police, he started doing this in May.

I" just want them to know that it wasn't me," Sawyer said of his family. "I was just so cloudy minded and strung out that I didn't think about the consequences or what I was doing to my family."

On Monday, police say Sawyer tried to cash a $375 check that he wrote to himself at a bank in Medora, but tellers refused and ultimately called the police. Eventually, police caught up to Sawyer and pulled him over. Detectives say they found two more stolen checks during the traffic stop.

"Are you glad you got caught," a WDRB reporter asked.

"Yes. I really am," Sawyer answered.

Sawyer is being held in jail with no bond.

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