LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's tradition for Leigh Fuller to get ferns from her kids on Mother's Day. This year, she could only enjoy them for a few weeks.

Fuller walked out of her Winston Avenue home Thursday to find the hanging plants missing.

"Things like that, they have sentimental meaning," Fuller said.

The family's Ring doorbell caught the guy who took the ferns in the act.

"It's kind of creepy, him staring right into the camera," Fuller said. "Obviously, he didn't know it was there."

LMPD said the thief is the same man who has been nabbing garden gnomes and other yard decorations across the city. Thirty-three thefts have been reported from the Gardiner Lane Shopping Center area and north.

"What is he doing with all of these things?" Fuller asked. "He either has the best neighborhood yard, or he's at a flea market. I'm not sure."

Petty thefts are hardly just a Louisville problem. It's happening across the river too.

"It's usually someone who is addicted to drugs," said Sgt. Jerry Goodin with Indiana State Police. "They're usually looking for a quick $5 or $10."

Goodin suggests the following to stop yard thefts:

  1. Make sure your house and yard are well lit.
  2. Secure everything. Wire hanging plants to the hook. Use stakes to weigh down decorations. Thieves won't want to mess with something that isn't easy to steal.
  3. Mark your lawn ornaments and pots with your name so police can easily return it to you.

If you recognize the thief from the Ring doorbell video, you're asked to call 574-LMPD.

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