LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A meat lover's paradise is coming to the Portland neighborhood. A new butcher shop is turning an old church into a slice of heaven.

At 28th Street and West Market Street, the sign is up for Galan's Meat Market and Deli. 

Carlos Galan and his crew are putting finishing touches on his new business that he hopes will be a cut above the rest.  From nailing to sweeping, they're getting ready for opening day on Thursday at 11 a.m.

"Galan's Meat Market, just a long time coming," Galan said. The family owned business will have four employees, including a butcher.

The meat will arrive just before opening day so it's fresh.

"You got full blown showcases. This will display your deli meats, deli cheese. You'll have your pork, your poultry and you'll have your beef," Galan said.

For anyone wanting something quick, there will be made to order deli sandwiches.

"If you have the right prices, the right programs in place, like EBT, SNAP, you know where they can facilitate for them to purchases. I don't think it's risky at all," Galan said.

They'll make a variety of burgers and homemade sausages. Galan, who has a background in retail and owned markets in Florida, is excited about this new venture.

"You'll be able to enjoy customized cuts for the customer which you have to drive miles to get any type of service like that," he said.

The business will be open seven days a week, including the 4th of July.

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