CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Last summer, Clarksville had a real problem with geese.

"We were really overpopulated," Town Manger Kevin Baity said.

Surveillance cameras caught a police officer being attacked. Everyone was dealing with the stinky mess left behind. Baity knew something had to be done, and looked for guidance.

"The state came down and determined that they were non-migratory birds," Baity said. "And, there was only one way to resolve the problem of the overpopulation that we had."

Rusty's Animal Control was hired and over 200 geese corralled and euthanized. After the move, tempers flared.

A year later, waters have calmed, and Baity knows just about everything there is to know about geese.

The knowledge has helped him find solutions for people and geese to co-exist in Clarksville. The plan is to grow tall grass around each of the ponds. It will get rid of the birds' favorite hangout, and restrict their view.

"They won't stay on water, if they think there is a predator that will get them, or cause them harm," Baity explained.

Grass growth will take a while. Baity said he has it covered.

"We'll be installing a mono-filament fence here," he said. "That will serve as that deterrent, until the grasses get tall enough."

The new buildings popping up in front of, and across the street from the Clarksville Government Center will also help.

"The five acres out here that is now development, was grass and a feeding area," Baity said.

Without food and a safe place to nest and float, the geese have decided to fly the coop.

Clarksville is still paying for the services of Rusty's Animal Control. If any birds become a problem, Baity says they will be trapped and released elsewhere.


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