LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Two fundraisers are planned to help support a Metro Corrections officer after suffering serious injuries in a motorcycle accident two weeks ago.

Thomas Wells graduated from the academy and became a Metro Corrections officer about five months ago. The young father of a three-year-old son was excited to start his career and close on his first home.

“He’s been wanting to be in law enforcement since he was a kid,” said Selina Logue, Wells’ mother.

But on June 13, Wells was rushed to University of Louisville Hospital after a serious motorcycle accident. Logue said a driver pulled out in front of him on Rockford Lane. He couldn’t stop in time, and he ran into the car on his motorcycle.

Wells remembers nothing from about three minutes before the accident until waking up in the hospital three days later.

“There was blood everywhere,” remembered Logue. “There was blood pouring out of his ear. His face was swollen. And I just knew standing there staring at him, this was it. I mean, there’s no way.”

Logue said Wells suffered a temporal fracture, damaging the bones in his ear, he had an intracranial hematoma, spinal fluid was leaking from his brain out his ear, ephemeral artery blood clot, an orbital socket fracture, and lots of bumps and bruises.

“And I just thought, this is it. This is it. My child is going to die today,” Logue said.

Wells did not have his helmet on. His mother is grateful he’s alive, but the fact still upsets her.

“There’s a part of me that wishes that he would’ve just worn a helmet,” she said.

Wells told his mother he will never go near a motorcycle without a helmet again. And his young son, Grayson, is making sure to remind him of that.

“Now when he comes in and sees his dad he’s like daddy has to wear a helmet!" Logue said.

Wells was recently released from the hospital, but he is limited to sitting, laying down, and walking to the bathroom. Doctors expect it could take at least six months to recover, but it’s unclear what the lasting impact could be on his brain.

“Honestly, we were scared to death for him,” said Daniel Johnson, Metro Corrections FOP vice president.

Johnson described Wells as a dedicated, motivated and honest young officer.

“One of his major concerns was calling into work as soon as he woke up,” Johnson said. “And It’s like, who does that?! Who has that kind of dedication to their job? That the first thing they do when they wake up form an accident like that is worrying about calling into work.”

Wells has accrued limited sick and vacation time, because he is so new to the department. He also does not qualify for medical leave.

“So he’s really dependent on us,” Johnson said. “We’ve worked with the administration. They’re going to allow him the time off he needs from work. But unfortunately, it’s not going to be compensated time.”

So his fellow officers are teaming up to host fundraisers to help with his medical, recover, and living expenses.

Proceeds from all dine-in and carry-out meals at Derby City Pizza, specifically the location on Greenwood Road on Wednesday, will go to support Wells.

Then the FOP will host a yard sale and cookout at the lodge on Taylor Boulevard on Saturday. They will take donations for Wells and anyone can pay to set up a table to sell any yard sale items.

There is also a GoFundMe account set up to help Wells.

“We’re a strong family, we’re a big family,” Johnson said. “We’re going to pull together and get you through this, Thomas.”

Wells’ mother said she is so grateful for everyone’s support and prayers, and can’t fathom how she can ever thank everyone. She said Wells is a fighter and is determined to make it through this.

“He loves his job. He loves what he does. I hope he can go back to work,” Logue said.

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