LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The National Weather Service confirms a tornado was part of the Tuesday storms that left damage in the area.

Preliminary information shows damage indicates an EF-1 tornado with 88 mile per hour winds touched down in eastern Jefferson County.  Survey crews will continue to work on Wednesday to update any further damage. 

The tornado came right through a neighborhood, ripping massive trees out of the ground and sending others on top of nearby houses.

Chad Morrow's home was in the direct path of the tornado.

"The whole house was shaking," he said. "I thought my whole deck on the back was crumbling, and it thought it just fell off. That's how loud it was. But it ended up just being all these trees hitting the home and everything." 

Trees fell on Morrow's home and all over his backyard. A trampoline ended up tangled in the trees. Siding is ripped off the house and the strong winds left a hole in his roof.

 A shed, or outdoor storage building behind one home looked like it was ripped apart. 

National Weather Service meteorologist John Gordon said a small, spin-up tornado touched down with wind speeds of about 90 miles per hour.  

"We don't know the length or the width yet. But it's definitely an EF 1 tornado... A lot of twisting and turning of the trees. Most significant damage is this giant oak behind me," he said.

Crews were out early on Wednesday to clear the area of trees and debris. Then the homeowners can focus on repairing the damage.

WDRB's Hayden Ristevski tweeted pictures of a toppled fence, scattered tree limbs and damaged siding of a home in a neighborhood near the Worthington Hills area. 

On Nansemond Drive, crews were cleaning up debris scattered on the road, including a large tree that partially blocked one street. 

Neighborhood residents tell WDRB they heard the tornado siren, after the storm passed through. Officials say that shows how quickly a tornado can spin up without warning. 

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