MOSCOW (AP) -- A foreign affairs adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin says Moscow and Washington have reached an agreement on Putin having a summit with U.S. President Donald Trump.

Presidential adviser Yuri Ushakov said talks between Kremlin officials and Trump's national security adviser Wednesday yielded the agreement on the time and venue of the summit.

The Kremlin and the White House are to formally announce the date and location on Thursday. Ushakov says the summit will take place in a third country.

Anticipation has been high for a possible Trump-Putin meeting as Trump seeks to mend strained relations with Russia. Ties between the two nations have sunk to the lowest point in decades.

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with U.S. national security adviser John Bolton Wednesday for talks intended to set the stage for a U.S.-Russian summit.

Putin greeted Bolton in the Kremlin, noting that U.S.-Russian relations are at a low point, which he said was mostly due to the U.S. political infighting, and voiced hope that Bolton's visit would make the first steps toward improving ties.

He added that Russia never wanted a confrontation with the U.S., offering to discuss what can be done to "restore full-fledged relations based on equality and mutual respect."

He added that when Moscow and Washington had differences in the past, Russian and U.S. leaders met and that was "good for both countries, good for stability in the world." Bolton noted that "President Trump feels very strongly on that subject."

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