Tuesday saw nearly thirty Severe Thunderstorm Warnings and two Tornado Warnings inside our WDRB counties.  There were nearly 40 reports of wind damage from Tuesday's storms.


Now the clean-up begins, and that starts with damage surveys by the National Weather Service.  These surveys are how we determine if a tornado did actually touch down, and if so, how strong it was.  The meteorologists inspect damage to determine wind speed, then strength of the tornado. The Louisville NWS announced Wednesday morning they planned to do two surveys; one in eastern Jefferson/western Oldham counties where there was a Tornado Warning and one in Hardin county where damage to several buildings was reported.


These four reports are all classified as "Thunderstorm Wind Damage" but are where we saw rotation inside a tornado warned storm near the Jefferson/Oldham county line. There were many other reports of tree limbs down in the area.

The National Weather Service has classified this as an EF-1 tornado starting in Jefferson county and ending in Oldham county with winds up to 90 mph and peak width of 150 yards. The total path was 3.6 miles long though the tornado lifted and lowered several times along the way. 


The second area they surveyed was under a Thunderstorm Warning with a "tornado possible" tag when this damage occurred. The National Weather Service also passed along a report from the Altec plant in E-town that said a small building was picked up, a trained storm spotter reported "twisted damage" (indicative of a tornado as opposed to straight-line wind damage), and two people who were injured as a result of the storm. 


In the top right corner of the above video, you can see debris being lifted and spun by what appears to be a tornado. Reports from those in the area suggest that debris was from AGC. 

-Hannah Strong