LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) – A run-down apartment complex in the Taylor Berry neighborhood in South Louisville could soon get the repairs it desperately needs.

The Arcadia Apartments, located on Arcade Avenue, were built in the 1950s. The complex has become neglected and several buildings abandoned.

Occupancy is around 45 percent, with less than 150 people still living at the complex though many of the buildings are boarded up. 

“Nobody deserves to live like this. It’s pure and simple neglect. Nothing else,” said Maria Utley, vice president for outreach for the Taylor-Berry Neighborhood Association.


A new developer is in the final stages of purchasing the 24-acre property, redoing the units and the outside areas around the building.  Utley says the project is years overdue.

“They have the resources to maintain these properties and they simply don’t," she said.

Louisville Metro Council President David James has been keeping a close eye on the current owners and even cited them for lack of upkeep.

“It’s worse than an eyesore, it’s a horrible place for people to have to live, it’s a horrible place for the citizens to have to live around it,” James said.

The complex is known to house many refugees who came to the states looking for a second chance – a chance the apartments will soon get.

“The way it looks might be scary or anything but it really isn’t a bad place at all,” said Muhammad Hussein, who lives in an apartment with his daughter and girlfriend. He came to the states with his parents from Kenya.

“[The complex] could be ten times better, yeah. But as far as the people here, no one bothers you, everyone is just doing them," Hussein said.

The Taylor-Berry Neighborhood Association will host a community meeting at the South Louisville Community Center on August 7 to view what the new apartments will look like and to speak with its new developers.

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