As we get a break from our stormy weather, we begin to heat things way way up! A warm front is lifting through the area and this well help heat things up. There is also a ridge of high pressure. Rain chances are not zero during the next few days, but pretty isolated. As of Thursday afternoon (3 pm) there is a heat advisory in effect for three of our northern counties. I think it is likely this will be extended to include more of the area, particularly west of I-65. To find more about the advisory & which counties are included click here: HEAT ADVISORY: When It Could Feel Like 110 Degrees... 

So how hot will it feel? 

Well, today starts a stretch of 90s and that lasts for at least a week. But the next three days, after today, look rough. Moisture or dew points increase well into the 70s. We need a category higher than miserable!  

Such sticky dew points will allow the heat index values to increase well into the triple digits. 104-106 degrees is likely from Friday through Sunday. 

Thunderstorm chances look to increase by the beginning of the work week. While the temperatures will still be in the 90s, the heat index will drop a touch. To learn more about the storm chances and what it means for the Fourth of July - be sure to join Marc and Rick this evening on WDRB News this evening! 

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