LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The city of Louisville has given a developer the green light to completely transform the former Urban Government Center site on Barret Avenue.

The plan calls for building new town homes, shotgun-style houses, condos, offices, a farmers market area, a pedestrian connection and commercial space. Affordable housing, including a new Family Scholar House campus, is also part of the proposal. 

"Before, it was basically a day-time use ... a lot of people coming to work there," Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said. "Slowly over the last couple of years, that's declined as we moved people else where."

However, some residents of the area are not happy about mixed-income housing.

"The majority of us didn't want a housing project in our neighborhood," Joann Robinson said. "We do like what the scholar house does, it's just not the best choice for our neighborhood."

Robinson would like to see a library and a community park, instead. 

"The library and the park is gone, and they're very disappointed in that," Robinson said. "They chose to put the Family Scholar House here instead, which the library and the park would have benefited everyone."

The developer, The Marian Group, plans to tear down the existing buildings, which were plagued with mold problems for years.

"Having a mix of uses, a mix of incomes, a mix of people is always our desire with a development as it creates a true community that is truly 'live, work, play,'" said Justin Brown with The Marian Group.

The first phase of the project includes the shotgun homes, which will come online in the spring. 

Work on the second phase will start next year. A neighborhood meeting to go over the plans is set for July 25.

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