LA GRANGE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Crashes on I-71 can back up traffic for miles and sometimes have drivers stuck in one spot for hours.

“You're always in a hurry when a delay strikes,” said Oldham County Judge Executive David Voegele. “Some accidents are big. Some are small. They can all easily turn into a long and frustrating delay.”

It's those accidents on I-71 that gave Voegele the idea for warning signs.

“(They) allow you to have a visual cue as you approach the interstate that hey, don't go out there unless you're prepared to slow down or stop entirely for a while,” Voegele said.

Instead of taking the on ramp to gridlock, drivers will be alerted so they can chose to find another route other than I-71.

“If north is lit up, that'll tell you there's a problem ahead of you northbound," he said. "South is lit up, it will tell you the problem is southbound."

Voegele is proposing to install eight of the signs in the county. Two of them would be placed at four locations along I-71 at Highway 329, Highway 146, Highway 393 and Highway 53.

The signs are solar powered and each cost $15,000.

“It would be paid for out of the fiscal court general fund," Voegele said. "Although we do have one donor in La Grange contributing $15,000 to pay for one sign."

Last year, he said there were 280 accidents on I-71 in the 14-mile stretch of Oldham County. He hopes the signs will help with delays and even prevent additional accidents from occurring.

“I’ll see one car after another get right on the interstate ... have no idea they're heading into a parking lot,” Voegele said.

The signs will be presented to fiscal court in August. If approved, the first signs could be installed in the fall.

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