Same song and dance! It is another hot and humid day, with heat index values well into the triple digits. If you are sick of the heat - don't fret! Changes (although brief) are on their way thanks to the cold front to our northwest. It will slide through the area tonight and tomorrow. This will lower our temps & more importantly the dew points across Kentuckiana. 

However, with the changes moving in, we are also expecting the return of some showers and storms today and tomorrow. The NWS has issued a Marginal Risk of severe weather for the northern half of our viewing area, which is north of I-64. 

This is not a guarantee of rain. Shower and storm chances over the next two days are very scattered. Meaning not everyone will see them. The line of storms associated with the front is a decaying line. Anyone who sees storms though should expect heavy rain, gusty winds, & frequent lightning. 

Notice below the hit and miss showers and storms, as well as the line to north, and how it weakens between 3-5 pm. 


Shower chances are not zero late tonight, but it does become less likely by about 2 am. 

There is likely to be some redevelopment of showers and storms tomorrow. Where storms fire off will be determined by where the boundary is located at that time.  

As of today, I would say it is most likely in our southern counties. Again, not everyone will see showers or storms today nor tomorrow. 

Storms will slowly clear by Friday night into Saturday. And as clouds decrease Saturday morning, our temps and dew points will drop too! 

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