By Eric Crawford, WDRB Sports
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) –When the leadership at WDRB asked us as a sports staff to think about bringing some new standing features to the sportscast, one that we eventually settled upon, “One Good Thing,” was something that appealed to all of us.

My idea for the feature was to end, more or less, on a positive note. Or an inspiring note. Or an excellent note. With the word “good,” you can go a lot of directions.

Over the past several years, we’ve covered our share of scandal. Certainly, in the news, you see a lot of things to be wary of.

I thought that “One Good Thing” would allow us to shine a bit of light on the good that is done, the performances that are inspiring, or otherwise highlight something good in our midst that we might’ve otherwise missed.

The nominations can come from anywhere – from social media, from submissions you send to us, from the headlines or even our daily lives.

One Good Thing doesn’t mean that it’s the only “good” thing reported that night. It does mean that if you want to see One Good Thing before your head hits the pillow, you now know where to come.

The very first edition of our One Good Thing segment comes to us via former University of Louisville basketball player Donovan Mitchell.

There’s something special about big stars letting down their guard and becoming regular people now and then. That’s what Mitchell did on the 4th of July in Salt Lake City. He simply Tweeted “Where’s the BBQs at Salt Lake?” and got more than 700 responses.

Not long after, a photo surfaced of Mitchell hanging out at an Independence Day party, playing some basketball in the pool.

Mitchell might or might not know this, but Louisville has a strong tradition of athletes mingling with fans, thanks primarily to one man – Muhammad Ali did it probably more than any other major American athlete. He’d get out of the car, talk with people, walk the streets, in Louisville, in Los Angeles, wherever he went.

In a day when images are carefully crafted, when sports and other stars hang out behind gates or bodyguards, Mitchell spending time with regular fans on the 4th of July is, without question, One Good Thing.

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