By Eric Crawford, WDRB Sports
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – First, let's make something clear – faking an injury in a sporting event is never a Good Thing.

Flopping is a blight on an otherwise grand sport, where soccer is concerned, and the world’s biggest sporting event, where the World Cup is concerned.

Before Brazil’s elimination, their star striker Neymar was a particular target of anti-flop forces for his demonstrative reactions after casual contact. It happens across the sport, but he has been a flashpoint for the practice this year.

What could be good about that?

Well, a. youth team in Switzerland, and in particular, what has to be a pretty fun coach, captured the humor in Neymar’s antics and produced perhaps the video of the day on Twitter.

In the middle of their drills, their coach yelled, “Neymar!” and watch the response:

Leave it to a youth team to highlight the ridiculousness of a frequent practice at the sport's highest level.

Just remember kids, don’t try this in a game.

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