Beryl has been downgraded, but Chris is likely to become a hurricane soon. 

Beryl is now called "remnants" because it's less than a tropical cyclone.  In the latest forecast discussion, the National Hurricane Center suggests the remnants could briefly strengthen back to a tropical cyclone as it moves through the Bahamas, but development beyond that is unlikely. 

It is forecast to impact many of the Leeward Islands Monday and the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Hispaniola by Tuesday with a forward speed (currently) around 23 knots (about 26 mph). 

While Beryl weakens, Chris strengthens. It is expected to develop into a hurricane within the next 36 hours (by early Tuesday morning).  However the storm has not moved much today and won't move much in the next day or two. 

Neither of these storms poses a direct threat to Kentuckiana.  Depending on how strong Chris becomes and how far east it tracks, we might feel some slight impacts, but it's more likely you won't even notice as Chris progresses north. 

-Hannah Strong