LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Prepare to tap those brakes. INDOT is moving forward with the last leg of a $67 million project.

Despite all the construction barrels, cars were moving at a good clip through Clark County, Indiana, Sunday afternoon. But that could change Monday and drivers like Scott Lindley are gearing up.

"I see the equipment around at different times traveling through here in the mornings," Lindley said.

INDOT will reduce I-65 North to one lane between exits nine and 16 Monday night to start surfacing after adding a third lane.

Drivers at the Love's gas station in Memphis weren't surprised.

"They've been working on this project probably three years now," Lindley added.

Tracy Boyd lives in Seymour and takes I-65 to visit loved ones in Louisville all the time.

“I thought they were finished last year when they widened it to three lanes and now I see they're doing construction again," Boyd said.

Crews had to wait for warmer weather to mill and pave the new stretch. But now that it's here, Boyd hopes they can knock it out quickly.

"I-65 past Louisville is construction going on so you know I've gotta think about that traffic and then traffic here and so I'm like, ‘ok what time's the best time to leave,'" Boyd said.

Despite the inconvenience, Boyd said it's a small price to pay for progress, and she's glad the road was widened because she often sees wrecks on the stretch of highway.

"I actually probably travel this more than I did before just because it really is smoother … Long as I'm moving I'm ok," Lindley said.

Traffic will be down to one lane starting 7 p.m. Monday and go through 6 a.m. every day until Friday.

Crews will work on the southbound side in that area the following week.

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