LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The robots may not be taking over the world yet, but they are apparently doing some pretty snappy acrobatics.

A video posted by The Walt Disney Company on its website appears to show a robot -- dubbed "Stickman" -- swinging on a trapeze and performing elaborate flips and somersaults in the air before landing in a net.

"In their mission to create a realistic robotic figure capable of performing complex, acrobatic stunts, Imagineers designed a 90-pound Stuntronics figure to use sophisticated onboard sensors to make its own real-time decisions -- all while flying 60 feet in the air," the website states. "It knows when to tuck its knees to perform a somersault, when to pull its arms to twist, and even when to slow down its spin to make sure it sticks that perfect landing."

The robot is expected to perform at Disney theme parks.

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