Whomever one party nominates for a Supreme Court position, the other party will always oppose.

The Republicans are as guilty of this as the Democrats, but right now it's the Democrats turn to play the role
of partisan obstructionists.

One Democratic senator stated that she would resist any attempt to confirm any nominee this year, because quote, "It doesn't matter who he is putting forward." I think it is despicable to judge someone before you even know who it is.

Decade after decade, nominee after nominee, the script hardly changes at all. Anyone and everyone a president nominates to the Supreme Court is some kind of threat to our Democracy. No matter their qualifications. No matter their record. No matter their reputation. It's the same hyperbole, the same
accusations, the same old story.

On Monday, President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh, a person who, by all accounts, fiercely supports the Constitution, and has impeccable credentials. He was a law clerk for Anthony Kennedy. He graduated from and taught at Yale and was recruited to teach at Harvard Law School by Elena Kagan.

But since the moment Justice Kennedy announced his retirement, the Democrats have been saying, "We adamantly oppose President Trump's nominee. He or she will be a catastrophe and as soon as we know who it is, we can get more specific."

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I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.

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