A cold front will slide through Kentuckiana tonight, but it might not bring the "cold" you're hoping to see. Temperatures really won't move much behind the front.  After a high temperature in the low/mid-90s Tuesday, we only fall to 90º Wednesday and the upper 80s Thursday. 

The real story here will be the drop in dewpoint which translates to a drop in how humid the air feels to you.  Early Tuesday the dewpoint soared to 73º which is sticky/uncomfortable/miserable.  Behind the cold front, the highest dewpoint of the day will be the low 60s.  50s would be ideal, but at this point I think it's safe to say we will take what we can get! 


It's interesting that with all the moisture in the air, this front doesn't bring a better rain chance. The front doesn't provide enough forcing to spark storms on its own. 


The relief will be short-lived.  The ridging flow pattern of the jet stream and a lack of strong surface features leading into the weekend will allow even hotter air back into Kentuckiana. That air is coming north out of the Gulf region, so will also bring higher humidity.  Feels-like temperatures over the weekend will likely be near 100 again. 

As we near the weekend, watch for more updates about how the heat index will climb.  We will let you know if any heat-related weather alerts are issued. 

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