ATLANTA (WDRB) -- A Georgia man spent two-and-a-half hours trying to learn to fold a fitted sheet.

Michael and Tina Cline are originally from Louisville, Kentucky.  He used to be a master technician until several surgeries made him change careers to become a homemaker. Now his wife Tina works, and she was more than happy to coach him through folding a fitted sheet. But it was an epic fail.

He was doing laundry and was trying over and over to fold a fitted sheet. Michael refused to accept defeat, folding one way, getting frustrated, and starting over.

Eventually, after more than two hours of failed attempts while his wife recorded multiple videos, Michael finally got it right and properly folded the sheet.

Tina posted to social media that it was "The most entertaining 2 1/2 hours of my life was teaching my husband to fold a fitted sheet. Please Share because I KNOW this isn't the first man to struggle with this task! Heck, women too! Enjoy! #perseverance #ellenshow #mechanicsarehomemakerstoo"

Tina tells WDRB that they are in the process of moving back to Louisville. 

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