PUNE, INDIA (WDRB) -- The world's longest fingernails are now in the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum.

Shridhar Chillal of Pune, India had been growing his nails since 1952. But this week, he was ready for his first manicure in 66 years.

Ripley's flew him to the United States for a special crew to use an electric dremel tool to slice off each nail. Chillal's nails had grown to about 31-feet, which would rival a three-story building when laid out flat.

Chillal explained that he started growing the nails at age 14, after being scolded by a teacher for causing her to break her nail. Historically, long nails are a sign of wealth for a man in India. The teacher told him that he wouldn't understand what he had done and that he had never committed to anything.

He took that as a challenge.

Growing his nails didn't keep Chillal from getting married, having two children or becoming a government press photographer. But he did find it difficult to sleep or get comfortable without worrying about breaking one of his nails.

Over the years, the weight of the nails caused problems with Chillal's left hand. He can no longer open it or flex his fingers.

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