ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Elizabethtown Police Department is expanding, a needed response to meet the growing demands of a growing city.

Officer John Thomas said the department has seen its call volume increase steadily over the last few years, and many of those extra calls are traffic-related. More people equals more car crashes, but officers are also seeing an increase in crime rates connected to the drug epidemic.

"We see an increase in property crime ... an increase in violent crime," Thomas said. "In the last eight months alone, we've had four homicides, (which is) highly unusual for this area."

So, they're hiring. The department is adding three new police officer positions, approved by city council for the next budget.

"That will bring our full strength to 57 units," Thomas said.

Thomas said there are perks to working in Elizabethtown with a starting salary of $41,500. And he said the city has the officers' backs.

"We can't do this job alone," he said. "And to have the citizens of our city supporting us in the way that they do you can't put a price on that."

You do not need a law enforcement background in order to apply. If you're hired, you will be sent to the academy and then train with local officers before hitting the streets. But there are a couple traits Thomas said you need to have.

"What we cannot teach people is a sense of high integrity," he said. "Our job is to get out here and serve people and help people, who are often having the worst day of their life."

If you're ready to serve, applications are due Aug. 17. To apply, click here.

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