Everyone knows 2017 was a rough Hurricane season. Now The Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA said, in it's 65 page after-action report issued this week, that the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane season was "unprecedented". The report also said the agency was unprepared for Hurricane Maria, in Puerto Rico, after challenges that were faced of dealing with three back to back catastrophic hurricanes. 

Those three major hurricanes that caused the most devastation were Harvey, Irma and Maria. 2017 was the costliest weather year ever and those three storms were the most expensive disasters of the year. 

  1. Hurricane Harvey: $125 billion (August 25-31)
  2. Hurricane Maria: $90 billion (September 19-21)
  3. Hurricane Irma: $50 billion (September 6-12)

Hurricane Harvey ranked second only to Hurricane Katrina. Katrina, is still the costliest storm ever in the 38-year period of records. FEMA says nearly 5 million households signed up for relief. In the report, Puerto Rico was mentioned 130 times, but the death toll is still under review from the impacts of Hurricane Maria. 

You can read the full report here.

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