LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- First, John Schnatter admitted to using the N-word. Then, he apologized. And Friday, he spoke out on what lead up to the racial slur and why he’s disappointed in himself.

“I said it, and it's wrong," Schnatter said. "It hurt people. That's the bottom line here. It's all about people, and I hurt the people. I feel horrible about this and sick.”

Schnatter made those statements Friday on NewsRadio 840 WHAS with Terry Meiners. But for many, the apology is too little too late.

“There's no question that the actions people have taken to send a strong message that racism and discrimination of any type is not condoned, is the right thing to do,” Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said.

University of Louisville President Neeli Bendapudi announced Friday afternoon that the Papa John's name will be wiped off Cardinal Stadium. She and the board of trustees made the decision with no clear understanding of the legal repercussions and no new football stadium sponsor in place.

“Our community has been fractured by the comments made by former U of L trustee John Schnatter," Bendapudi said. "These comments were hurtful and unacceptable, and they do not reflect the values of our university.

“We understand that this comes with consequences, and we have examined those, and this is our best decision to move forward."

Earlier this week, it was revealed Schnatter used a racial slur during a media training session back in May. Schnatter told Meiners on Friday that the marketing agency was promoting that type of vocabulary during a conference call. He said he was pushed and ultimately used the N-word, saying, "Colonel Sanders called blacks 'N-words.'"

“I have to own it," Schnatter said. "You can't talk like that even if I'm provoked. Even if in media training, you can't. I was saying what somebody else said, but you can't do that either."

Knowing his language hurt many people, Schnatter offered his apology, especially to U of L football players who said they wouldn’t play in a stadium with his name on it.

“I would be glad to have the opportunity to apologize, but yes, I don't know if they would have me," he said. "I don't condone racism. I don’t condone prejudice in any way."

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