Several factors are increasing our risk of strong storms Sunday. We will start by breaking down those factors, then evaluate the timing of the storms. 

First, you will notice more humidity Sunday.  Temperatures won't climb quite as high as they did Saturday, but dewpoints will be significantly higher. Lower 70s is certainly ample moisture to support storm development. 

Instability will be high during the day.  This will be one of the main drivers of our storms because the instability is fueled by sunshine and daytime heating.

A "cold front" will also push through Monday, so the storms Sunday will be partially influenced by that pre-frontal forcing.  More than that, Saturday night's storms have set up small disturbances in the atmosphere where storms will spark on Sunday. 

Since a lot of this event is driven by daytime heating and sun, the best chance for storms comes in the afternoon and continues into the evening. 

Watch for storms to pop up shortly after lunch time and continue firing off through dinner time.  When the sun goes down, it will cut off a large part of the storm energy source, but it won't totally eliminate the storm chance. 

These storms will bring brief heavy rain, strong wind, and thunder/lightning. You will need to go indoors while the storm passes, so keep an eye on radar through the afternoon and follow me on social media using the links below for my updates through the day. 

-Hannah Strong