As the sky clears up this afternoon, it should make great viewing conditions for some extended International Space Station flyovers.  Wednesday morning at 5:48, the ISS will appear 10º above NW and be visible for six minutes before disappearing 12º above ESE. 

At 10:27 Wednesday night it will appear again at 10º above SSW and be visible for four minutes before disappearing 29º above ESE. Both of the Wednesday viewings will be under a clear or mostly clear sky, so you should have a great chance to spot the station! 

There are several other chances to see the Space Station this week for extended periods.  Sometimes it's only visible for a minute or two, but the opportunities this week are anywhere from three to six minutes long, giving you a better chance to see it. 

If you do see the International Space Station, let me know! Or send me a picture of your sighting using the links below. 

-Hannah Strong