LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The smell of marijuana was so strong, police say it was oozing out of an Elizabethtown home.

And police say once officers got inside the home, they found illegal drugs, weapons and lots of cash.

William Johnson, who lives near the house on Village Drive, said it all came as a big surprise. He watched as police raided the home Sunday afternoon.

"I was surprised to see it on the street, because like I said, the street is kind of quiet," Johnson said.

Ronald Eckart, director of the Greater Hardin County Narcotics Task Force, said complaints lead to an investigation and Sunday's raid.

"You could smell the marijuana outside the house even," Eckart said.

Officers recovered more than 15 pounds of high-grade marijuana, more than 3 ounces of cocaine and prescription pills.

Police say there were also weapons and cash.

"Three pistols were recovered," Eckert added. "One of them was stolen out of Louisiana ... and a little over $15,000 in cash."

Police arrested James Richardson and Calena Falkner. Both are facing several charges, including drug trafficking and receiving stolen property. Police believe the suspects were buying the marijuana out west and bringing it here to sell.

"So basically,  they're doubling their money," Eckert said. "They're going out there paying $30,000 and coming back here and selling it for $60,000."

Right now, police are not ruling out making more arrests in the case.

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