LOUISVILLE, Ky . (WDRB) -- Right now, River Road ends at Seventh Street. But in the next few years, a plan to connect west Louisville with the waterfront and the rest of the city will extend it all the way to 15th Street.

The River Road westward extension will be in conjunction with the Waterfront Park Phase IV expansion, a project that's all about connectivity.

“The park helps connect us toward our western neighborhoods, as does River Road," said Gretchen Milliken, Louisville Metro’s Director of Advanced Planning. "Right now, it kind of ends at Seventh Street and spits you out eventually at Main."

Charles Booker, who lives in the Russell neighborhood, feels the momentum of something great in the works, similar to the revitalization that happened several years ago in NuLu.

“I think a transformation is underway," Booker said. “This could be a very fast change."

Milliken said River Road adds to the Ninth Street divide, because it’s currently a stopping point to west Louisville.

“This is sort of an area that's been isolated for a long time, and a lot of families in west Louisville are disconnected from the river," Booker said. "This is a way to help improve that."

But there's more to the revitalization plan. In addition to River Road and Waterfront Park, there's also a plan to re-imagine Ninth Street. Booker hopes all these changes will bring a sense of pride and empowerment to west Louisville

“This is needed, and I think this is an opportunity that if we're very mindful about the community, representing my neighborhood and Russell, Portland and even further west, that this could be the transformation we need,” he said.

The River Road extension project will be paid for with local state and federal funds. Construction to extend River Road is expected to start in 2021 and be finished in 2022.

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