LOUISVILLE. Ky. (WDRB) -- Wear a piece of Kentucky. A local entrepreneur's start up company that began in the Big Apple could be coming to a store near you.

If Anne Hathaway's character in the Devil Wears Prada were a real person, Cecilia Linzey believes she'd be her.

Working as a personal assistant for an at dealer in New York City, she never had enough hands. "It was after maybe my fourth cracked phone screen, I thought 'okay, I have a problem, I need to come up with a solution.' So, the very next day, I went and bought a folio phone case, a strap of leather, I sewed it together, it was strictly utilitarian. It did not look good, but I had the solution to my problem," Linzey said.

After moving to the area, she had the Bluegrass state in mind, hand painting all that is racing and Churchill Downs. "I thought, why not be able to screen print that onto leather," Linzey said.

Phone case, turned purse, turned personality. "I was designing with Louisville in mind. So, it's definitely Kentucky centric and the locals seems to like it," she said.

Under her company name, Cecy, Linzey is now releasing a collegiate collection, starting with University of Louisville and University of Kentucky.

Her idea is now patented. It's also grabbed the attention of producers on Shark Tank. The 25-year-old is hoping this is just the beginning. "Everything that goes into running a company, I've learned how to do that or I'm learning. So, it's been a really good learning experience."

Her goal is to sell in boutiques, hotels and stores, with location in mind. "To design locally at their different locations and to tailor it to that area, would be amazing," Linzey said.

She hopes to one day be able to help the homeless and assist with youth literacy, through a simple idea that began hundreds of miles away, and inspire others to think outside the palette. 

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