NEW MIDDLETOWN, Ind. (WDRB) -- A tornado tore a path of destruction through southern Indiana and the New Middletown area is still cleaning up.

Crews spent Saturday clearing piles of trees as the National Weather Service assessed the damage.

Meteorologist John Gordon said the tornado that tore through Harrison County was an EF-1 with 105 mile per hour winds.  

"There were multiple funnels coming from the main funnel,” Gordon said. “I would guess, based on the video that I've seen, at least three or four funnels that have come around."

The National Weather Service surveyors said seeing this type of tornado in July is very rare.

“This is so unusual this may happen once in your lifetime,” Gordon said.

Workers restored power to homes as homeowners tried to figure out everything that was damaged.

Deanna Brock found out about the damage to her property on the news at the doctor’s office.

“A picture came up on the screen and I said it looks like my house but there aren’t any trees there,” Brock said.

The home only saw a little damage to the siding but had damage to the garage and dozens of trees covering the yard. Brock is concerned about how much her insurance will cover.

“That’s really a severe issue, to come up with the kind of funds were gonna have to come up with, to get it at least back in some sort of situation like it was before,” Brock said.     

On the Kentucky side of the river, damage from Friday's storms was reported in the eastern portion of Jefferson County. 

One home in St. Matthews, at the intersection of Alton Road and Sherrin Avenue, suffered severe damage. 

A large tree was ripped out of the ground during the storms, and landed on the home. Crews spent the day chopping up and hauling away the large trunk. 

Debris also fell on top of two vehicles, denting them and smashing their windows. 

Some homeowners in the area say it could take them months to get everything back to normal.


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