BLOOMFIELD, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Nelson County man who had two antique tractors stolen got one back, only to have it stolen again Monday morning.  

John Snider said he received a call his tractor was again taken just days after it was found and returned from being stolen earlier in July.

“It was amazing they would be so brazen to come back for the second time to steal a tractor,” said Snide, a retired Nelson County High School principal, as he walked along the back of his barn.

Earlier this month, two antique tractors were stolen out of Snider’s barn, one of which was seen on surveillance camera being driven down the road in the early morning hours.

That tractor from the 1960s was found several miles away near the Nelson/Anderson County line by a Nelson County Sheriff’s detective. Its water pump was gone, but that was quickly fixed by Snider’s friend, who returned it to the barn it was taken from.

Snider believes the same thief came back early Monday and not only again stole the tractor, but also took his rotary tiller.

In the theft two weeks ago, the tractor was taken and driven through an open door on the side of the barn. Monday morning, it’s believed it was taken from the back of the barn. Muddy tracks lead down a path, into a field and then into a nearby wooded area.

The majority of the homes in the area have tractors on the property, so it did not take long for word to spread about the initial theft.

“As soon as it happened, Mr. Snider, he called me the next day and asked me to be on the lookout if I hear of anything or knew of anything," said Darrell Hardin, who lives near Snider. "I told him I sure would. Somebody was very brave or stupid, I don’t know which.”

Snider said the keys were not in the tractor, but since it’s so old, it doesn’t take much to get it started.

He believes if could be found once, it will, hopefully, be found again.

“[Nelson County Sheriff's detectives] are working on it diligently, and I appreciate the young detective that’s working on the case,” Snider said.

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