LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The storms that rolled through Jefferson County on Friday brought a lot of hail with it, and it's costing some drivers thousands of dollars to fix the damage caused by it.

And it's keeping the technicians at Samuel's Collision Repair in Louisville busy.

To fix hail damage, there's a process called paintless dent repair. The dents are worked out with special tools.

"Years ago, when you had hail damage or small dents, you'd have to fix the dent the old fashioned way with body filler and paint," said Jeff Embry, the owner of Samuel's Collision Repair. "Now, you can massage the dents out. You don't use any body filler. You keep your factory paint. To me, it's a lot better job."

Embry said he normally does four estimates a day, but because of hail damage, the daily estimates are up to nearly 20.

Most cars on the south side of Louisville are coming in with nickel- to dime-sized damage. Embry said the average cost so far is about $2,000.

Paintless dent repair doesn't require any new parts, so most drivers get their cars back the next day. Body shops say it's the quickest and least expensive job for hail damage.

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