Weather in a word: Brisk! A cold front moved through on Thursday night/Friday morning and brought a few isolated showers, lower humidity, and slightly cooler temperatures.

Now as high pressure builds, clouds have decreased and allowed temps to get into the 50s overnight/this morning around Kentuckiana! 

Today highs will be in the low 80s in metro Louisville. Some areas outside of the city will likely be cooler. Normal highs for the end of July are in the upper 80s, 89 to be exact. We will be below average for the rest of the weekend and the beginning of the week. There is even a day in the upper 70s! 


Looking ahead for the next 10 days, it does look like the cooler weather sticks around. The Climate Prediction Center has issued probabilities in the 6-10 day outlook for *colder* than normal temps. From August 2nd-6th, there is a roughly 30-40% chance for below normal temps for part of our area, but we will likely only be a few degrees below normal. Remember, average temps are in the upper 80s for high temps and low 70s/upper 60s for low temps in Louisville for the beginning of August. So for example, the forecast above is below average technically, but only by a few degrees. 


However, if you are not ready for the dog days of summer to be over, the pendulum looks to  swing the other way shortly before the 2 week mark. CPC shows 30-40% chance for ABOVE average temperatures during days 8-14, which would be August 4th-10th. 

Agreeing with this idea, the Cooperative Institute's Precipitation Systems (or CIPS) extended analog guidance shows there is a 65% chance for ABOVE normal temperatures. But this is for days 6-8, meaning it suggests the warming trend will come on slightly sooner.

What does this all mean? 

I would say we are going to have below average temps (temps will be below 89 degrees) for roughly the next 5-6 days. But then we will get close to average about a week out. There has also been a signal we could be above average as we get into the second week of August, but it may not last ALL of August. 

It is interesting to watch these trends, but it not an end all be all. We will be keeping a pulse on this, as well as the exact numbers and conditions, on air and online!

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