CORYDON, Ind. (WDRB) -- The building that houses the Corydon Police Department and Town Hall on North Oak Street was built 40 years ago. But soon, a new building will house both operations just around the corner. 

The former police department had two small rooms to share between nine officers. One of the rooms, which was supposed to be Chief Matthew Kitterman’s office, was used to store evidence.

“We were always tripping over each other,” Kitterman said. "It's been rough. I have five gun lockers in my office that the evidence is stored in, which makes it really hard to keep track of it and keep it secured the way we need to.”

The former police department also didn’t have enough space for an interview room, but the restored and repurposed Corydon State Bank building on North Capitol Avenue has space for offices, an interview room and will use an old bank vault to store evidence. Police headquarters will be on the second floor, while City Hall will be on the first floor.

Corydon Town Manager Rand Heazlitt said the new City Hall will give the people of Corydon a more professional place to conduct business. There are private conference rooms for meetings and several new offices.

“While this is going to impact us all, certainly the police are going to see the biggest benefits,” Heazlitt said.

The move started Monday and will finish Tuesday. The Town Hall will be closed for those two days and will reopen on Wednesday.

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