SEYMOUR, Ind. (WDRB) -- Darlage Custom Meats was burglarized Saturday, but the suspect left something behind that could lead to an arrest.

Tyler Reedy, the manager of the meat store, said despite the cameras and even a sign about 24-hour video surveillance, the suspect broke into the business.

"It's just not something you'd expect to walk into on a Saturday morning," Reedy said.

Reedy said the burglary caught employees by surprise when they showed up for work.

"My uncle showed up in the morning, and he saw that there was change all over the floor and our drawer had been popped out with a crowbar," he said.

Reedy said the burglar was not inside for very long.

"We first caught him on camera right there, coming around the corner at about 5:19," he said. "And about 5:30, he was taking off down the road."

Reedy said the burglar got away with about $160, but now police and employees know what the suspect looks like.

"It's no one I've ever seen before," Reedy said.

Still, police and employees are hoping someone recognizes him or even his clothing. The case is being investigated by the Seymour Police Department. The department has a post about the burglary on its Facebook page, which has been shared several hundred times.

"If they done it once, chances are, they're going to commit a burglary again," said Det. Sgt. C. J. Foster with Seymour Police.

Reedy said in addition to the money, the suspect also took away their sense of security.

"They don't want to come here in the morning by themselves anymore," Reedy said.  "Just afraid somebody is going to be sitting in here."

The business did not have an alarm system during the break-in, but managers say there's one being installed this week.

If you have any information about the suspect or the burglary, you can call the Seymour Police Department at 812-522-1234.

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