LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) – JCPS starts the 2018-2019 school year on Aug. 15, but the back to school clothing blitz has already started.

Inside a warehouse on South 15th Street near downtown Louisville are stacks and racks of clothing – and much of it will be gone in a matter of days.

Monday started the back to school “blitz” – a partnership between JCPS and the 15th district PTA’s Clothing Assistance Program – also known as CAP.

The program gives students who register one new school uniform and a used one. Students can also pick a shirt, pants/shorts, and pajamas from racks of “everyday clothes.”  

“Many of us will be working six days a week,” said Celeste Braxton a resource officer at Indian Trail Elementary School. “

This year, students who come through the distribution center will also get school supplies including pens, folders, and even books to read.

Many of the items donated and the uniforms were purchased with the help of a Trust.

The clothing assistance program is not just for students. It’s for anyone who lives in the home no matter the age. Families call their child’s school which then sets up times for the students to head to CAP’s distribution warehouse.

This year the need for clothing and supplies is extremely high.

Last year about 630 appointments were scheduled for families during the blitz; however, more than 3,000 outfits were handed out. Appointments this year are being scheduled every 10 minutes to accommodate the amount of need.

“We have an ongoing increase now of homeless. We haven’t had that is my 20 plus years,” said Braxton.

Any JCPS student can benefit from the program – no matter their school or socioeconomic status. Donations are greatly needed after the blitz to help families who were not able to get clothing during it’s initial distribution week.

The most needed items are boy’s shorts and pants. Also, new this year, families will receive lead-testing kits to check the levels in their homes.

Resource officers tell WDRB News every student who schedules an appointment will be taken care of and be ready for the year which kicks off Aug. 15. 

“You know that you are going to be cared for and we are the heart of the school system,” said Braxton. “Once we do that, that sky has been the limit.”

JCPS Clothing Assistance Program Location/Distribution Center

319 S. 15th Street in Louisville

9 A.M. – 4 P.M.


Families must call their school ahead of time to schedule a pick-up appointment

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