It is no secret that the newspaper business is in big trouble. The market has shifted on them. Millennials don't want to read newspapers. They think they get all the news they need from their mobile devices.

The core customers of newspapers are now over 55 years old. Since circulation is dropping, advertising has dropped too. With less revenue, newspapers have slashed their staffs. The newspaper industry employs about 276,000 fewer people than two decades ago.

The newest threat has been a tariff the U.S. imposed on Canadian paper mills, specifically uncoated newsprint. Not all, but most newspapers get their paper from Canada. The tariff has driven the cost of newsprint up nearly 25% so, in a money saving move, newspapers around the U.S. are currently reducing the number of days they are printing the paper.

We're seeing the beginning of the end of the printed newspaper in our country and that's not good. Newspapers, like strong television stations, hold government accountable which helps discourage corruption, and fraud. Our democracy is better off with newspapers, but in the not too distant future they will be gone with perhaps the final blow struck by our own government with this tariff.

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I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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