COX’S CREEK, Ky. (WDRB) -- Residents in one area of Nelson County say they are terrified a drug rehab facility could be coming to their backyards.

A proposed 100-bed facility is proposed inside the former Cox’s Creek Elementary School on Old Louisville Road.

“We have cows. We have corn. We don’t need a drug rehab facility around here,” said Rhonda Browning, who lives a block from the six-acre property. “You never know what is going to happen. When they’re on drugs, you don’t know what is in their minds or how their mind is working. We don’t want that around here.”

Browning has seen the property go from a school to an alternative school to a church to empty. Bushes are overgrown, the roof is damaged, and a large hole is in the floor of what was once the gym.

Several residents posted signs in yards Tuesday that read, “Say NO to drug rehab center in our Cox’s Creek neighborhood!”

Dr. Muhammad Sijid wants to purchase the property, which is zoned Agriculture. He would have to apply for a conditional use permit which allow rehabilitation centers.

Don Thrasher, who lives in Cox’s Creek, said he sees both sides of the rehab center argument and the size of the drug and opioid epidemic.

“The Non. 1 issue is property valuations, the immediate property valuations," said Thrasher, adding that he'd rather see a nursing home or police substation on the property. "People are worried about the unknown."

Residents said it already takes 20–30 minutes for officers to arrive in the area from Bardstown.

Thrasher knows the importance of treatment, especially in an area with a strong opioid problem like Kentucky.

“There’s the compassion of wanting to help people, because we need help," he sad. "This county needs help."

A community meeting was held Monday night, and additional meetings are being planned to discuss the facility and try to prevent it.

“You see any house around here, they are all worried about it ... worried to death,” Browning said.

The Nelson County Board of Adjustments will have a public meeting at the old courthouse in Bardstown at 10 a.m. on Aug. 9.

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