FLOYDS KNOBS, Ind. (WDRB) - The Vetter family in Floyds Knobs enjoys every second of the eight-week summer break.

There's been ample time on the swing set in the backyard, and on road trips. But the end of July always comes, and the feeling is always the same.

"This summer felt like they just got out of school," said dad, Philip Vetter.

"I wish the summer was a little bit longer," added son, Jude.

Getting back into the swing of things is tough, especially when your family is as big as the Vetters.

"Six here at home," explained mom, Bobbie.

Three are at Floyds Knobs Elementary. The other three are at Highland Hills Middle. Their parents have no choice but to have a solid plan in place for the beginning of the school year.

"You have to go to bed at this time. You have to get up at this time. You have to eat a healthy breakfast," she said.

It's certainly not always easy. Some complaints come with the territory. The Director of the Early Learning Campus at the University of Louisville, Jill Jacobi-Vessels, says whether the Vetter kids like it or not, their parents are doing them a favor.

In fact creating a routine, is the number 1 priority on her Top 3 list of ways to best prepare your student for the start of school.

"If you can start now getting back into the bed times and wake times that you're going to need on the first day of school, it can help your body adjust," explained Jacobi Vessels.

She also says mom and dad should become partners with the school.

"Introduce yourself. Tell them that you care," Jacobi-Vessels suggested. "That can really help the teacher throughout the year, if there is something they need to discuss with you."

Jacobi Vessels suggests finding ways to reduce stress too.

"Get your backpack all stocked and near the door, so that you're reducing all those last minute things that you can't find," she said.

With just a few days of the new school year under their belt, Bobbie and Philip are still fighting the good fight. They say they know patience will win this race.

"I think a couple times in the past week she's looked at me and said, just a couple more weeks and we've got this," Philip said about his wife, Bobbie.

"We can do this," Bobbie said with a smile.

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