BEDFORD, Ky. (WDRB) -- For Mike Isley, there's nothing quite like the feeling of a Friday night on the high school football field. But this year will be a first for the Trimble County High School coach.

The scoreboard will remain blank, and the stands will stay empty, because not enough students wanted to suit up in blue for the Raiders.

"I hate it that we're not having a season," Isley said. "We were going from nine (players) to 13 back down to 9."

At least 30 players are needed for a shot at a decent season.

"I had to deliver the news to the kids and parents yesterday, and it was hard," Isley said.

The reaction was emotional. Some students began talking of transferring.

Declining enrollment in the district and changing interests are what Trimble County Superintendent Steve Miracle thinks kept students off the field.

"Some of them probably have jobs, and they'd rather work and make money," he said.

This isn't the first time Trimble County football has struggled for numbers. Back in the 1980s, the school had a lull in interest as well, Miracle said.

But everyone in the district is hoping it's one of the last.

"We hope it's a one year thing," Miracle said. "We'd love it if it was a one week thing."

In fact, Trimble County Schools knows the clock hasn't hit zero yet. The first scheduled game isn't until Aug. 17.

"If you play sports, you always believe in miracles, you know?" Isley said.

If students throw a last minute hail mary, Isley and the school district are ready to catch it.

"If this sparks the interest, and they all showed up at our doors tomorrow, then we could reverse the decision," Miracle said.

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"Which is just not enough to fill a team," added Superintendent of Trimble County Schools, Steve Miracle.