The flooding situation in Virginia has improved slightly over the last day, but it is still a dangerous scenario. Water levels have decreased, but there are still major concerns including high potential for flash flooding and the potential failure of College Lake Dam. 

On Thursday, Joni Organ posted video on social media of a flooded creek. You can hear the thundering water rushing down stream. 

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By Thursday night, 4-6'' of heavy rain had caused College Lake Dam to fill beyond its capacity.Therefore, evacuations are in place for parts of Lynchburg, Virginia over fears the dam may fail amid the intense flooding. The dam is being monitored closely by emergency personnel for signs of structural failure. 

Around noon today, the NWS says the water is still holding withing the shores of the dam. While the situation has stabilized for the moment, there is still the potential for heavy rain to pass through the area again today, renewing flooding concerns. Therefore, the NWS extended the flash flood warning for Lynchburg until 6 pm this evening. 

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