LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Public libraries across the country have been inviting drag queens to read story books to young children. 

The "Drag Queen Story Hour" recently held sessions in several cities, including Indianapolis and New York. Its creators say the purpose is to teach children about gender fluidity and inclusion.

The program includes reading time, as well as dancing, singing, and crafts.

"'Drag Queen Story Hour' is a time where drag queens come together and we basically read stories, different kinds of story books to the youth and we discuss what these books mean," explained Miz Jade. "And they get the opportunity to ask us basically whatever they want."

During a recent session in New York, Jade read a book titled "The Dragtivity Book" to a group of children and their parents at a New York City library. The book explains what a drag queen is -- "a character you create to express your feminine side or any other side of yourself you would like to explore."


Jade says the book also teaches children about acceptance. 

There have been some complaints about the program's "appropriateness," but attendance at venues across the country has been at capacity.

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