JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB)-- Early Monday morning, Beth Mahoney and her husband woke up to investigators outside their home.

"He said, 'the police are everywhere. They've got the roads blocked off.' I said wow," explained Mahoney.

Crime scene tape went up, investigators put on hazmat suits and masks, and bags of evidence were brought outside. It all has neighbors on Chestnut Street in Jeffersonville talking.

"I heard somebody is dead down there," said Mahoney.

She heard right.

"One individual is deceased. We're conducting an investigation. It is still active," said Sgt. Isaac Parker with Jeffersonville Police.

That's about all police are releasing. They won't tell WDRB if the victim is a man or woman, how the person died, or if there's a person of interest in the case.

There are a few clues in what police are saying though. They're calling the home a crime scene. When asked if neighbors or the public have reason to feel concerned Parker responded, "We do believe it's an isolated incident at this point. If that were to change, we'd pass that information on."

Parker added it's common for the department not to release information about an ongoing investigation unless it's a public safety issue.

Some neighbors on Chestnut aren't necessarily surprised by what they're seeing just feet from their front doors.

"A lot happens in this neighborhood," said neighbor, Michael Boss. "I knew there were drugs in this area and over there, but I keep to myself. Whatever people do, they do."

At the same time Boss and other neighbors say, they feel for the victim and will take precautions of their own.

"I'll keep my doors locked from here on out. I'll tell ya, dangerous," said Mahoney.

Parker tells WDRB more information may come out late Monday or during the day Tuesday.

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