LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville minister jumped into action last Monday to save a stranger's life who overdosed on heroin.

Dannell Marshall was leaving the South Central Regional Library with his kids when he said a man had pulled into the parking lot who said his friend had overdosed on heroin.

“I see a lot of commotion,” Marshall recalled. “He yanks his friend out. His face is blue. He's not breathing, and he had one leg still in the air.”

Marshal jumped into action to use his overdose reversal kit that had sat untouched for the past year.

“I was able to pull it out, get my gloves on and go through the steps I needed to go through,” he said.

Several minutes later, police and EMS arrived.

“And he was eventually able to get up on his own and get in the stretcher and get in the ambulance,” Marshall said.

Marshall is a minister and founder of the non-profit, Men of Faith. Last year, he asked Jennifer Punkin-Stepp with Bullitt Opioid Addiction Team to put on an overdose reversal training session. That's when he got his kit and stored it in his backpack.

Stepp started the trainings because she personally has been affected by substance use disorder. She has wanted to save her son and so many others.

“All the other friends of my son, I thought, I wish someone would have been around to do what Mr. Marshall did," Stepp said. "How different that might be ... if someone would have done what he'd done."

While Marshall is very humble about the whole situation, he said  he was just in the right place at the right time and that it's not his place to judge someone else's life choices.

“I think the thing that I did was no different than what anybody else should do," Marshall said. "If you see somebody in need, and you’re able, help out. And I wish more people would do that."

If you would like to attend an overdose reversal training and receive a kit, find out more information here.

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