LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – While former University of Louisville star quarterback Lamar Jackson adjusts to new challenges in the NFL with the Baltimore Ravens, he’s also taking on a new venture in the apparel business.

His decision not to sign with an agent raised eyebrows before the NFL Draft. But now Jackson is rolling in with his own clothing line from Day 1 as an NFL Player.

His website, “Era8Apparel.com” features a growing line of merchandise with his own trademarked, “Forever Dreamers” motto – the name of his charitable foundation -- and others.

He has his own “Leapmode” logo, featuring the silhouette of his iconic leap of a Syracuse defender, on T-shirts with slogans like, “Make ‘em pay” and “Era8.”

“At Era 8 Apparel, we know how difficult it can be to articulate your style and fashion through words,” the website reads. “Fashion, is your chance to make a bold visual statement as to who you are and what you represent. From the greatest fashion designers to legendary models and stylists, we are inspired each day to bring you new and exciting designs so that you can leap into this new era with us!”

Jackson wore adidas footwear in his first NFL preseason appearance last week, but his apparel line is based at home, with a Post Office box in Boynton Beach, Fla., as its listed address.

The biggest seller on the site so far would appear to be an “Era 8” fleece hoodie. Other popular sellers include “Leapmode” T-shirts, phone cases and knit caps. The website features everything from logo socks to visors to swimsuits

Many athletes attempt to, at least in part, support their foundations through apparel sales. Jackson showed his desire to get involved with local causes in Louisville when he gave $25,000 he made through local autograph appearances to Blessings in a Backpack, enough to feed every student at a local elementary school on weekends for more than four months.

Jackson is preparing for the Ravens’ second preseason game this week, against the Los Angeles Rams.

He told reporters on Tuesday, “The game speed is totally different from college. There’s no one back there jogging or taking a break. All 11 trying to feed their families. So yeah, grown man game.”

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