NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WDRB)-- David Brewer is rattled but strong. Less than 24 hours after his son was killed at Spring and Ninth Streets, he returned to the New Albany intersection to talk about the man he raised.

"He was just a easy going, laid back, good kid," he said.

Matt Brewer was riding his skateboard around 9:30 p.m. Monday when he was hit by a minivan. Paramedics rushed him to University Hospital in Louisville, but his injuries were just too bad.

"My first reaction is just to cry," said Roger Baylor, Matt Brewer's friend.

A somber feeling has set in across the southern Indiana city. A skateboard with "you will be so missed Matt" written on it sits on Matt Brewer's doorstep. Fellow skateboarders and friends took to the skate park down by the Sherman Mention Bridge to do tricks and ride in his memory.

"He would just shred man," said Chris Morgan, a fellow skateboarder. "And he would look so cool doing it."

Although police haven't mentioned speed as a factor in the investigation, and no criminal charges are pending, Matt Brewer's friends and family say the loss of their loved one should bring change to Spring Street.

The speed limit is 25 miles per hour where the crash happened, but Matt Brewer's friends and family say people go far faster.

"Some of them look like they're going 50 miles an hour," David Brewer said.

New Albany City Council President Al Knable wants family and friends to know he hears them.

"It can't stop at the listening, right?" Knable said. "There has to be some kind of change or action."

Going forward, he said the city needs to take a hard look at this intersection and "see if there's any objective data to see if this a trouble spot more so than any other intersection in town," Knable said.

It's the kind of move David Brewer wanted. Still, he knows whatever happens on Spring Street won't bring his fun loving son back.

"It's just nice everybody knows what a good guy he was," he said.

The people responsible for the New Albany Skate Park say they're looking into ways to permanently remember Matt Brewer there.

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